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eBook | Accelerate your Healthcare Organization's Journey to the Cloud


We can migrate you to the Cloud in 30 days or less!

dwdwdwwwdwdwdaaCustomer expectations are pushing the banking and financial services industry to accommodate explosive data and application needs. Legacy systems need to undergo a smooth and effective digital transformation via the cloud to remain competitive.

This eBook will provide your healthcare organization's IT teams with a fast yet agile path while avoiding the challenges and costs associated with current cloud migration practices. Here is what we covered in this eBook:

  • Why are Healthcare Delivery Organizations Reluctant to Move to the Cloud?
  • The Benefits of Modernizing in Place for the Cloud Journey
  • Meeting Immediate and Long-term Cloud Destination Goals

Healthcare companies rely on cloud computing for increased scalability, accessibility flexiibiilty, agility, and cost efficiency as the effects of COVID-19 linger throughout 2021. The pandemic has sped up the move to the cloud by Health Delivery Organizations (HDOs) and their Health Information Technology (HIT/IT software) solution providers. But many healthcare organizations have yet to define the best approach for cloud modernization.

Many in the healthcare industry have historically relied on legacy infrastructure ranging from mainframes and database systems to growth-resistant, monolithic applications. This legacy technology debt isn't going anywhere soon and will require a different pace and style of cloud migration than the typical 'lift and shift'. 

Techolution offers a new approach of 'modernizing in place' that transitions you to the cloud in 30 days or less. This allows IT to adopt cloud by creating a scalable environment and migrating the top 2 or 3 applications required by the business. This provides a secure and scalable solution without impacting the daily business priorities. We have successfully helped a number of health organizations modernize their infrastructure.

According to Gartner, public cloud service providers will process more than 60% of healthcare providers' IT workloads by 2024.

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