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Recorded Webinar

4 Steps to Cloud Modernization

For Financial Institutions

74% of cloud modernization projects fail. Are you looking for an alternative to lift and shift? Lift and shift doesn’t always work. It’s expensive and disruptive.

If your financial organization is striving for lower operational costs, faster transactions, new lines of business through applications, scalability, and improved customer experiences?

We have found Modernizing in Place to be much more effective that avoids ripping and replacing costly legacy systems.

In this webinar we define ‘modernize in place’ and the ‘leap frog’ effect.

The benefits of modernizing in place are:

  • You maintain control over how and what is moved to the cloud
  • It’s minimally disruptive and allows your business to run during the migration
  • It’s affordable because it brings the cloud to you in small achievable steps
  • Quickly improve revenue generation from App scalability and faster commits (app updates)
  • Break down operational and data silos that hinder innovation and new lines of business
  • Lower risk while improving regulatory reporting, security and customer support
We also provide a framework for how you can modernize in place and the benefits. Tim Delesio, Techolution CTO, presented the webinar.

Learn 4 ways to modernize your infrastructure without lift and shift.

We are here to help, you can email us at info@techolution.com 


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 About the Speaker


Tim Delesio, CTO

Tim has been developing applications for well over 20 years. He has led modernization initiatives for many Fortune 500 banks. He's a Subject Matter Expert in cloud computing and digital architecture.