Use Techolution to Upgrade Your Magento Platform to Open Source &

Lose the licensing fees!

Why Are You Still Paying Magento Licensing Fees?

Magento Open Source (formerly Magento Community) is free and can be set up for less cost than 1 year's license!

Magento Open Source provides retailers with all the tools that the Magento Commerce & Commerce Cloud offer, and when hosted on Google Cloud Platform with Techolution's Managed Services, you'll enjoy higher quality hosting at a fraction of the cost.

Advantages of using Techolution to install your Magento Open Source:

Complete install, testing, hosting, and ready for business in less than 3 weeks!
Available Customization that Meets Your Specific Needs 
Installed for less than the price of 1-year's licensing fees with Magento Commerce!

Magento Open Source:

  • Robust eCommerce hosting platform
  • Scalable as your business grows
  • Deep library of Themes and Extensions


Magento 1.9.4 will reach end-of-life on
June 30, 2020 

If you have not updated your Magento 1 suite to Magento 2.x

Get a 30 Day Pilot

Hosting Options

Choose your cloud provider that suits your business requirements:

Techolution is a multi-cloud provider, including GCP, Azure, AWS, and Pivotal

Ready To Shop in 3 Weeks!

Techolution is an Expert in Magento Deployments

Pick 1 theme, and up to 3 extensions and have it installed for $19,000*.

Opt-in for more customization at our great rates

*Extension license fees not included, if applicable

World Class Managed Services

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Test run of our services for one month. 

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