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Recorded Webinar

4 Ways to Scale up your Healthcare Application

and Lower Costs

Is your application keeping up to customer demands? A fast growing company and an ever expanding customer base are good problems to have! But it’s likely your application will be struggling to keep up and your costs will be rising out of control.

If you have these challenges, watch our webinar to learn 4 ways to scale your healthcare application AND lower costs!

Imagine if you could have infinite scalability in 30 days or less? We have a unique approach called ‘modernizing in place’. It frees you from the constriction of lift and shift by being an agile and fast process that delivers scalability and lower costs with current IT infrastructure! And our team will work alongside your team to do it in one month’s time.

In this webinar we will share our secrets to how we accomplish ‘modernizing in place’ including:

  • the benefits of modernization

  • an approach of modernizing in place rather than 'lift and shift'

  • retire technical debt

  • utilize AutoAI for predictive analytics

The webinar will help your organization to optimize scalability, improve customer experience and lower costs.

Presented by Tim Delesio, CTO of Techolution



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 About the Speaker


Tim Delesio, CTO

Tim has the distinction of being one of 27 Google Cloud Anthos Fellows. He has helped Healthcare Technology companies with strategies for application modernization and helped them to prove infinite scalability.