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3 Strategies for Rapidly Transforming E-commerce in Post-Covid Era

The New Normal for Retailers

 The pandemic has pushed the limits for retailers. Is your e-commerce infrastructure meeting the demands of your customers?

Is your team having challenges around any of these areas:

  • Scalability issues caused by lack of VM elasticity 
  • Difficulty gaining insights from your data to figure out what your customers are doing
  • An online presence that needs optimization
  • High traffic and low conversion rates
  • Slow or delayed time to market with buggy code
  • No or limited ability to leverage your catalog and data with third parties and partnerships
  • Over-provisioned environments costing way too much money


    In this webinar we discussed the IT best practices that will make e-commerce more relevant for the post Covid era. This webinar provides case studies of how companies are using containers to achieve the needed elasticity, the use of repeatable deployments, automation and increasing uptime to meet the present and future e-commerce needs. We also provide the architectures used for a Magento upgrade and the path to updating a legacy platform.

We are here to help, you can email us at info@techolution.com 


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 About the Speakers:


Tim Delesio, CTO

Tim has been developing applications for well over 20 years. He has led modernization initiatives for many Fortune 500 banks. He's a Subject Matter Expert in cloud computing and digital architecture.


Luv Tulsidas, CEO & Founder

Luv is a visionary and problem solver. Over 14 years experience leading digital innovation at Hertz. Passionate about harnessing technical innovation with a focus on client satisfaction..