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Journey from Virtualization to Containerization

Why take this journey and why Kubernetes?

How well you execute your digital transformation strategy depends on how well you orchestrate your digital initiatives through the journey of transformation. Across industries, companies are rapidly adopting containerization technologies to orchestrate their digital transformation.

Kubernetes, the production-grade container orchestration tool, is enabling IT teams to automate deployments and seamlessly manage containerized applications. Yet, companies are seeking ways to reap the full potential of Kubernetes.

Thought leaders at Techolution, Adithya Eka Putra and Arie Apriadi, will explore the benefits of running Kubernetes on Google Cloud Platform, and how companies can easily simplify application modernization and reduce development lead times using Kubernetes.

What you will learn:

  • Container-first architectures and their characteristics
  • Key features of Kubernetes (auto everything - auto repair, autoscale, auto upgrade, auto provision)
  • Problem solved by Kubernetes (Utilization, Scaling, Availability & Failover, Rolling upgrade, Vendor Lock-in)
  • Business use cases explaining containerization on Kubernetes across application development lifecycle
  • Real-life examples of rapid updates and rollbacks using Kubernetes on Google Cloud Platform

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 About the Speakers:


Adithya Eka Putra

Business Transformation Manager

Adithya is a recognized Professional with substantial experience helping companies generate significant improvements in application development and cloud migration efforts. More recently, Adithya has focused on enterprise architecture and digital transformation orchestration, helping companies realize unmatched benefits.


Arie Apriadi

Cloud Solutions Architect

Arie serves client consulting across diverse industries, with a focus on technology transformations, IT modernization, and cloud adoption. Arie also works closely with several companies in technology investment prioritization and enterprise IT orchestration.