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3 Case Studies of How Companies Are Benefitting From Next-Gen Digital Technology During the COVID-19 Crisis


Did you notice that some companies are surviving and growing during the pandemic? This webinar provides 3 case studies of how businesses are navigating through the crisis using cloud-based technologies, real-time decisioning and advanced analytics. 


This webinar answers these questions:

  • Are you missing financial goals due to slow time-to-market?
  • Are you unaware of supply chain disruptions due to external crises?
  • Is it difficult to prioritize digital investments due to lack of data?

Tim Delesio, CTO Techolution, Luv Tulsidas and Craig Morrisroe, a Digital Transformation Expert share examples of how they are helping businesses to leverage Cloud, analytics and AI to remain agile and resilient. They provide case studies that will share examples of how digital transformations help businesses develop agility and resilience to survive, grow and remain competitive in turbulent times.

The webinar provides actionable steps for implementing and deploying next-gen digital technologies like cloud and AI at scale across your business.

Webinar originally aired on July 29, 2020.

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 About the Speakers:


Tim Delesio - CTO

Tim has been developing applications for well over 20 years. He has led modernization initiatives for many Fortune 500 banks. He's a Subject Matter Expert in cloud computing and digital architecture.



With 35 years of experience in financial services, Craig has been on the forefront of digital banking as the Lead strategic programs for one of the largest global money centers for nearing two decades.